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Israel just wants UNRWA to go away, hoping that that will undermine the whole claim of Palestinians having a right to return.

These are our choices: If we aren’t killed, we will die of hunger.

The report provides crucial insights into the gravity of the digital rights situation and offers actionable recommendations to combat this concerning trend.

The 2023 olive harvest season was particularly difficult for Palestinian farmers in the West Bank. Taking place around September-November, it coincided with the 7 October attack on Israel and the escalation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip. During that time, Palestinians across the West Bank faced a spike in movement restrictions and violence by Israeli forces and Israeli settlers.

We met countless other aid workers who told us the same thing: Gaza is the worst humanitarian situation they have ever seen.

More than three quarters of the population have been forced from their homes, many multiple times, and face severe shortages of food, water, sanitation and healthcare – the basic necessities to survive.

This guide was created by the team at 7amleh and curated by Slingshot Media’s advocacy team February 22, 2024, 7amleh – The …

No amount of dedication and goodwill is enough to keep millions of people alive, fed and protected – while the bombs are falling and the aid is choked off.

Overview In January, amid ongoing intense hostilities, the ability of humanitarian missions to support people in need wherever they are across Gaza …

If the funding isn’t resumed, UNRWA will rapidly come to a standstill.

Due to evacuation orders in neighbourhoods surrounding Nasser Hospital -and continuous hostilities in the vicinity of the hospital, the Ministry of Health reports that large numbers of wounded people are situated on the hospital grounds.

The report focuses on the digital rights violations that Palestinians and supporters of Palestinian rights are exposed to in the digital space and on social media.

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