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Israel has the right to "defend itself"

Francesca Albanese, UN Special Rapporteur on Palestine, disputed that Israel can claim a “right to self-defence” to justify war, saying that according to international law it only has the right to establish law and order with law enforcement measures.

Days of the week combatants!

During the Israeli Occupation Forces’ raid to Al-Shifa Hospital, a claim went viral due its sheer absurdity, that the Israeli Forces’ spokesman found a list of the combatanats’ names, only to be revealed that it is a simple calendar!

Let's put an end to the Hospital bombing debate!

Video of allegedly “DAMNING Footage” that PROVED Hamas bombed the hospital is DELETED from @Israel  account

The old and racist “human shields” excuse

Debunking the myth of Gazans being used as “human shields” in five points

Israel Has Cut off the Electricity Supply to Gaza, Not Hamas

Israeli Journalist Hananya Naftali outright lies about the power outage in Gaza, when in fact it was the decision of Israel’s Energy Minister, Israel Katz.

Looting of UNRWA's reserves

UNRWA denied the widely circulated rumor from prominent Israeli accounts and confirmed that their warehouses in Gaza had not experienced any instances of looting.

Propaganda to Justify Killing Civilians in Gaza

Contrary to its viral claim, the video is unrelated to the ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza

CNN Faces Accusations After Controversial Reports During Operation Al-Aqsa Flood

Numerous social media users criticized CNN, asserting that Clarissa Ward’s scenes were exaggerated, possibly lacking authenticity, or embodying sensationalism.

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Bombings in Gaza

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