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SLINGSHOT MEDIA - منصة مقلاع


The Slingshot is an eternal symbol of spontaneous and genuine acts of revolting and rebillion against injustice. It’s a simple instrument, made from our trees, carrying our rocks, shooting them afar towards freedom.

Slingshot carries a symbolic meaning of holding tight a small and simple message, and giving it distance, and this is what we focus on.

We aim to amplify advocacy content and help reach a wider audience.

This initiative was created by a group of volunteers in Palestine and the diaspora with the intent of bringing together the different voices speaking on behalf of Palestine, amplifying their voices, providing a reliable source of information for content creators and decision-makers, and helping track misinformation.

We are driven by the pact that binds all human beings;
a yearning for freedom, a passion for truth, and strength to stand against injustice

Our Mission

To amplify the just voices of Palestinians and those fighting for their rights

Our Values

Freedom | Inclusivity | Transparency | Reslience

Not caring about Palestinians being bombed because the rockets aren't hitting your neighborhood is like not caring about freedom of speech because you have got nothing to say

Slingshot partners

Slingshot Media emphasizes the fact that it is a decentralized campaign, in the sense that it relies on partnerships for aggregating content and data.


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