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Curated investigations and journalistic reports covering the situation of the War on Gaza and untangling the webbed discussions around it

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The Israeli Telegram channels responsible for disseminating violent, sadistic, and criminal content

These channels display flagrant disregard for basic principles of human dignity, actively endorsing the mistreatment and ridicule of deceased Palestinians, their injuries, and their remains

Why is Israel always bombing Gaza?

Gaza has become Israel’s scapegoat: whether it is to gain votes approaching elections, re-gaining consensus, testing new weapons, reaffirming power dynamics.

Nurses in Gaza are working gruelling shifts

Nurses in Gaza are working gruelling shifts while trying to care for the constant influx of new patients.

The 20 aid trucks that were allowed to enter via Egypt on Saturday as a "drop in the ocean"

The head of the UN World Food Program (WFP) described the situation in Gaza as “catastrophic” as only 0.002 percent of the coastal enclave’s immediate relief needs have entered so far, according to Palestine’s Health Ministry.

The disregard for Palestinian life

The Biden administration’s complete disregard for Palestinian life is on full display as it continues to support Israel unconditionally

Nothing has changed

Nothing has changed in the humanitarian crisis in Gaza since 2009

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Bombings in Gaza

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