Curated interviews that provide context, clarity, and defense for the Palestinian Human Rights situation in Gaza

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Israel is not honoring its obligations as they were dictated by the ICJ

There is no possibility on Earth that any rational person can conclude that the ICJ ruled that Israel was not committing genocide!

"The fundamentalist zionist mentality existed before the nakba"

Hanan Ashrawi reveals the West’s complicity, the historical context which must be remembered – and what happens next.

Even when palestinians protest peacefully, they are killed

Rashid Khalidi explains some of the basic facts of the struggle for Palestinian independence and the creation of the Zionist project of Israel.

Who has the right to defend themselves? Is it the occupier, or the occupied?

Israel must be held accountable for its horrifying actions and War Crimes committed in Gaza and the West Bank. The future of children in Palestine and everyone was deeply impacted.

You've lived your life dealing with floods and then you see a TSUNAMI

It was a horror scene. Knowing the history of Al-Ahli hospital, it felt like that place was stuck in time.

The conversations surrounding the 7th of October are difficult because they're sensationalized

There is a hysteria that wants to give Israel the green light to use unrestricted violence and cruelty against Palestinians in order to annihilate them.

There is a glaring double standard in this world!

Palestinian mothers love their children just as much as any other mother in the world.

Many of the Palestinians being released should have never been held in the first place!

There is a system inside Israel that is called “Administrative detentions” and what it is is that a person can be picked up and held without charge, and without trial.

Where should we begin?

Under International Humanitarian Law, collective punishment is a war crime, and the blockade of Gaza is a war crime!

Israel's spokespeople have a long record of lying

Israel is engaged in genocidal rhetoric.

I'll be back there in a heartbeat!

American volunteer nurse won’t hesitate for one second before returning to Gaza.

Israeli Army's first response killed more Israelis!

It’s a complete state of arrogance to keep more than 2 million people captive and call self-defense.

Justified profanity!

Bassem Youssef’s interview with Piers Morgan

It's not a question of Religion

Mohammed Hijab’s interview with Piers Morgan

Israel's 'dehumanization' of Palestinians

Nour Odeh’s interview with MSNBC

Are you going to kill all Gazans then?

Hanan Ashrawi’s interview with Channel 4 news

Israel is guilty of 3 WAR CRIMES at least!

Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi’s interview with Amanpour & Co, a PBS Channel

The trouble of media's framing of the Palestinian issue

Journalist Antony Loewenstein’s interview with ABS News Australia

The predisposition to of Palestinians

Hanan Ashrawi’s interview with Sky News

No one has the right to keep an entire population in a CAGE

Mohammed El-Kurd’s interview on the Lex Fridman podcast

The condemnation paradigm

Husam Zomlot’s -Palestine’s ambassador to the United Kingdom- interview with BBC News

Enough with the bigotry against Palestinians, stop hiding behind "Anti-Semitism"

Cenk Uygur’s interview with Piers Morgan

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