Position Paper on AI Technologies Impact On Palestinian Lives and Narratives

This guide was created by the team at 7amleh and curated by Slingshot Media’s advocacy team

February 22, 2024, 7amleh – The Arab Center for the Advancement of Social Media published its new position paper “Impacts of AI Technologies on Palestinian Lives and Narratives” shedding light on the alarming lack of oversight and regulatory frameworks surrounding AI deployment, emphasising the dire consequences for Palestinians and Palestinian human rights advocates.

The paper, authored by the writer and artist Dr. Ameera Kawash in collaboration with 7amleh, explores the intersection of AI technologies with existing power structures, underscoring their potential to exacerbate inequalities and violate human rights on a global scale. It also offers a comprehensive overview of the specific dangers faced by Palestinians due to the integration of AI into communications, surveillance, and military applications.

The paper effectively applies the principles of ethical and understandable AI, shedding light on the implications of AI technologies on Palestinian human rights in a manner that resonates with wide audiences. It also delves into crucial areas such as content creation, moderation, censorship, and curation, while also addressing the pressing issues of surveillance and automated warfare and weapons. 

Additionally, the paper provides comprehensive recommendations to mitigate the urgent threats posed by AI technologies on Palestinian human rights. These include launching awareness campaigns, advocating for transparency in datasets in accordance with the principles of ethical and understandable AI, and developing AI tools to combat harmful narratives.

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