Israeli accounts claim detained Palestinians in Gaza as Hamas surrendered fighters Members

Over the past few days, photos and videos of Palestinian men and boys stripped and blindfolded, lined up and taken away in trucks by the Israeli army have been widely circulating on social media

Israeli accounts shared claims that these are surrendered hamas fighters

investigations and fact checking

Multiple fact checking agencies and activitis utitlized the videos and images circulating on social media to identify some of the detained, debunking Israeli claims that these are Hamas fighters.  

Few of the recognized are Diaa al-Kahlout, a correspondent for Al-Araby Al-Jadeed (The New Arab) who was also taken away along with his brothers, The owner of an aluminium workshop, Munir Qishawi Al-Masry, and a trainee doctor, Nasr Imad Al-Madhoun. 

investigations and fact checks

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